January 29, 2024

LATEST NEWS Death Toll from the Maui fires stands at 93.  

Sydney 29

Born on November 7th, 1958, in Wundanyi, Taita, Mwamburi Mwakachola, widely known as Freshley Mwamburi, discovered his passion for singing while in the school choir at Changamwe Boys School and Alidina Visram School.

In 1983, he was signed by the ‘Simba Wa Nyika’ band, led by the late Wilson Peter Kinyonga and his brother George Peter Kinyonga.

Later, in 1987, he joined Les Wanyika, under the leadership of the late Johnny Ngereza and Prof. Omar, contributing to hits like “Mama Watoto,” “Lipi La Ajabu,” and “Afro.”

Leaving Les Wanyika, Mwamburi established his band, the ‘Everest Kings.’ The turning point came in 1992 when his song “Stella Wangu🎙” gained immense popularity, propelling him to stardom with its emotional plea to Stella to return to him.

Mwamburi and Stella’s love story began when they met at the Garden Hotel in Machakos while he performed with ‘Everest Kings.’ Stella, then a university student in Nairobi, eventually won a scholarship to study in Japan. To support her abroad, Mwamburi sold many of his possessions.

However, upon Stella’s return to Kenya, Mwamburi, eager to welcome her at the airport, was shocked to find her with a baby and a Japanese husband. Despite the heartbreak, he channeled his emotions into creating the enduring hit song, “Stella Wangu.”

Among Freshley Mwamburi’s notable songs are “Ndugu Tuelewana,” “Margy,” “Mashabik,” “Musa Jirani,” “Hawana Wivu Wanawake,” “Mombasa Safari,” “Mipango Panga,” “Moyoni & Siri.”

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