December 1, 2023

LATEST NEWS Death Toll from the Maui fires stands at 93.  

Sydney 29

37-Year-Old Mazera Kizulwe Kwatumbi, is believed to have attacked, Wakati Rashid Mwakuwewa, 34, a mother of four, at their Likoni home in , Lorry Mbovu areas of Shonda over unknown argument.

Likoni sub-county police commander Geoffrey Hurein confirmed the incident, saying that they were alerted by the area village elder today at around 6am.

“We rushed to the house and found the woman had already been taken to hospital but two pieces of flesh were recovered at the scene of crime, “he said.

We traced her to the hospital and found she had two stab wounds on the stomach. She also had several serious cuts on her thighs and left hand. The husband is the prime suspect,” said Hurein.

Mariam, the victim’s younger sister, who had visited her, said the suspected had in the afternoon returned to the house with his belongings after a long time separation with her sister.

At this time Wakati who runs a food kiosk at Mwahima hospital area was not in the house.

She came back at around 10pm and found Mazera in her bedroom.

Mariam, however, became suspicious of why the suspect had come with his belongings yet she was aware the two had separated and made a phone call to her sister who confirmed was not aware of his return.

Wakati came back at around 10pm and found Mazera in her bedroom and two of their children sleeping in the other room together with her younger sister, Mariam.

At around 1am Mariam heard her sister yelling for help from bedroom.

When she tried to knock the door, she found that It was locked from inside.

It’s when she started screaming for help from neighbors that the suspect opened the door and fled away.

When neighbors came they found Wakati lying in a pool of blood with pieces of intestines besides her.

They rushed her to Likoni district hospital where she was transferred to the coast general hospital.

She revealed that Wakati was the main breadwinner in the house and had intimated to her that her husband was accusing her of being unfaithful to him.

A neighbor explained that from around 5pm the suspected sat outside their house smoking until late evening when he entered in.

Another neighbor, said that the couple has been having differences which separated before getting back with each other several times.

” I didn’t even know he had come back after leaving separately for quite some time. I have learnt with great shock that Wakati has suffered at the hands of a man she always complained about.

I’m aware Mazera had even collected his three goats paid as dowry though they had had three children together. He said.


Written By: Peter Maseke

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