January 26, 2024

LATEST NEWS Death Toll from the Maui fires stands at 93.  

Sydney 29

Likoni residents are now living in fear following the re-emergence of panga welding gangs who have killed one person and several others left nursing serious injuries.

Calm had been restored for the last one year with few cases of muggings and deaths being witnessed.

However on Tuesday 6, this month, the gang killed one person and another was left in critical condition after they waylaid them during the dawn attack.

The duo namely, Hassan Onyango Anguche,23, who is currently receiving treatment at Coast general and referral hospital in critical condition, and Simon Sila Munyau, now deceased, sustained deep cuts on their heads and hands after they were viciously attacked by a four-member-criminal gang.

Munyau 55, a milk vendor within Likoni was his family’s bread winner.

He has left behind a widow with 3 young children and a mother who is blind.

According to victims, the gang members who have been terrorizing area residents are aged between 13 and 26 and are believed to be carrying out their criminal activities while high on drugs.

In the last five months increased attacks have been witnessed in areas of Timbwani, Bofu and several other parts of the sub-county.

From January this year to date over ten people have been left nursing serious injuries inflicted by members of the outlawed criminal gangs

Likoni sub county police Commander, Timothy Muasya, stasted that he was not in a position to confirm on the reported deaths

“Am away in Tana river attending the burial of a traffic officcer,am on my way coming back,”he said

A shopkeeper at Jamvi la wageni who witnessed the tuesday incident said the attacks have been rampat, addimg that residents now hardly stay out past 8pn.

“Not a day passes without some residents being stabbed. No shop remains open beyond 8pm” Kombo said.

Some have been using motorbikes to prey on innocent residents, especially in remote areas.


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