December 1, 2023

LATEST NEWS Death Toll from the Maui fires stands at 93.  

Sydney 29

A homeless mother of six has slept with five of her children in a small room for five months following an eviction for running up Kshs.20,400 in rent arrears.

Mariam Gona, and her children have now been placed into temporary accommodation by her neighbor after News spread in the village over her plight but they could still face another eviction.

Mariam Gona was evicted from her house in Ushindi Baptist area of Likoni sub county in Mombasa county on November last year after building up the huge debt.

For five months now she and five of her children have been put up by a neighbour during which time they have been sleeping in a small bedroom. Her eldest child, who is 17, has been staying with a grandmother.

Today Gona was visited by Mama Beauty foundation team,a community organization which largely depend on well wishers to assist the needy who assisted her with households and bedings.

But, Gona says she fears she might be evicted from there again as she has not cleared the current rent arrears.


“There’s no way I can pay the arrears in my current circumstances. I have been hawking boiled maize for a while but since March my business collapsed after paying school fees for my two children and have been unable to get another capital. One of my daughters hasn’t reported to school for a month now.

There is very little available and the rents are so expensive. I don’t know what we’re going to do.” The sobbing mother said.

Gona says her former partner Martin Kamau Wambua, who is the father of four of her children, stopped providing for them,ran away in March last year after they had differences about her second born girl.

Mama Beauty foundation’s founder and managing director, Labna Nassir, said: “While we cannot share information about individual residents, our team provides tailored and dedicated assistance to the sick, People living with disabilities, orphans and people who are struggling to pay their rent.

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