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November 30, 2023

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Sydney 29

In the recent days it has come to concern that very few people cared about Coastal music until when we saw the rise of Masauti, Otile Brown, Dogo Richie, Sudi Boy, Susumila, Chikuzee just to mention a few emerged on the music scene.


Coastal artist have been seen as they operate in a swaddle for a long time so much, others come with the phobia that You can succeed unless you relocate at Nairobi so that your music can blow.


Have you ever asked yourself why the artists and their songs barely get any nationwide attention?

Many believed in the claims of sorcery. It sounds funny, but believe it in coastal is impossible. Others always blaming their counterparts of bewitching their growth.


Some say artist take so long to release a hit and when they release it they don’t even bother to promote.


I joined with Chacklet Zein CEO 001 Movement and Benard Yona , CEO Netax Production in Mombasa to clarify on this Trend on Saturday Drive Show at Al Shifaa Radio Kenya Have a look on the video below.

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