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November 29, 2023

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Mombasa Philanthropic magistrate pays NHIF for cancer patient

Mombasa principal magistrate Vincent Adet has yet again hit headlines after he paid NHIF card for a cancer patient.

Florence Mwikali who is sufferring from breast cancer had walked into the Mombasa law courts,reception and enquired if she would be allowed to see the Philanthropic magistrate who has been trending for sometime.

A kind receptionist led her to Adet’s court room where she waited patiently as the court went on with its proceedings.

Inside the court room she waited patiently as she braved pain for the days cause list to be heard .

The 64-year-old woman from Kiembeni in Nyali Constituency who is sufferring from breast cancer,was afraid of approaching the magistrate whom she described as tough while delivering justice.

“I did not know how he would receive me but l was here to ask for help ,l found he had been trending, l wondered if he was the same person l was getting afraid of asking for help,”she said.

Moments later after the court was done with the day’s matters ,she raised her hand in efforts to attract the attention of the duty magistrate whom she referred to as the “Philanthropic magistrate,”.

Mombasa Senior principal magistrate,Vincent Adet who was about to leave his court room,took a few minutes and enquired if her matter had not be called out.

“In her frail voice she informed the court that she was at the court for a different cause .she needed help ,to continue with her treatment for cancer her NHIF card had ran out of funds due to the expensive chemotherapy exercises she was undergoing,”she stated.

“Am here to ask for your assistance am sufferring from cancer and have gone to Google and found out your are the magistrate that helps others am asking for your assistance to buy chemo medicines,”she pleaded.

She produced her treatment notes and handed them over to the magistrate.


The magistrate paid for her NHIF card and gave her some cash to buy food.

Mwikali broke down into tears.

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