January 27, 2024

LATEST NEWS Death Toll from the Maui fires stands at 93.  

Sydney 29

A sex worker was yesterday arraigned before a Mombasa court to answer to charges of assault.

The suspect only identified as Mariam who appeared before Mombasa Senior principal magistrate,Vincent Adet, pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting a fellow sex worker over low charges she was offering to clients.

The court was left in disbelief as the two lay bare their art work at Sega Market in Mombasa county narrating how they fell in bad blood after the victim lowered their prices from the normal Kshs 350 to Kshs 150.

The duo used unprintable words to inform the court on the kind of business they were engaged in, leaving the magistrat shocked.

“It’s true l work as a prostitute,that is where l earn my livelihood from by making men happy, ,”she said.

When Mr Adet enquired from the suspects on how they wanted the case resolved,the victim informed the court that she wanted to be compensated Kshs40,000 as part of the money she used to treat herself following an injury she sustained on her hip and hand.

The court prosecutor, Hillary Isiagho, did not oppose her being granted bail and asked the court a date for hearing on the matter.

Adet ordered the two to resolve the matter within 14 days ,and appear to him on December 20 for further directions.

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