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November 29, 2023

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Sydney 29

A 54-year-old woman charged with trafficking in narcotic drugs has told a Mombasa court that she was framed by police officers who arrested her. While appearing before Mombasa Chief magistrate,Martha Mutuku, during the hearing of her case, Sarah Adhiambo told the court that,at the time of her arrest, she was in possession of Cassava and not bhang as it is alleged. During a cross examination with the investigation officer who was giving his testimony in court, Adhiambo asked the officer whether he was at the scene during the time of her arrest to confirm that, the exhibit in court was what she was found with and the exact location where the incident occurred but the officer said her question had been answered by the arresting officer who had earlier testified since he was not at the scene. Adhiambo also told the court that,her only offense was maybe ferrying Cassava from her rural home to Mombasa,which officers turned and planted the 829 rolls of bhang on her. However according to the investigating officer, Adhiambo had on March 27 this year while at Majengo area in Mvita sub-county within the county of Mombasa been found trafficking 829 rolls of Cannabis Sativa weighing 62.55Kilograms with a street value of Sh1.8 million where she was arrested and charged with trafficking in narcotic drugs contrary to section 4(a) of the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance control act No.4 of 1994. The Investigation Officer also told the court that the accused was arrested while in possession of two sucks loaded with 409 and 420 rolls of bhang respectively well concealed with a black polythene bag containing a mixture of cassava and saw dust.

The court further heard that the suspect had ferried the drugs from Migori and was arrested in Mombasa. Adhiambo has since denied denied the charges.

The court ordered the exhibit to be kept at the safe store of central police station pending further hearing of the case on January 18 next year.


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