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November 29, 2023

LATEST NEWS Death Toll from the Maui fires stands at 93.  

Sydney 29

On the right is Malindi resident magistrate,Daniel Sitati, at the centre isKwale Senior principal magistrate, Lilian Lewa, donating food stuffs to the hunger striken families in Kilifi yesterday.

Judges and magistrates drawn from coast region, donates food stuffs to the hunger striken families in Kilifi.

The judicial officers under the umbrella of, the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) PWANI CHAPTER conducted the exercise yesterday at Kauma Sub County, Kilifi County.

Justice Addraya Dena, who is also the chairperson of the association said that, the initiative was their way of giving justice “a human face” by sharing with the less fortunate in the society.

“The Judges and Magistrates managed to raise funds to support those within their areas of jurisdictions who had been hit hard by the prevailing drought. we also bought fertilizers and seedlings for the victims ,” said Justice Adan.

Over 312 families from Kauma location vinagoni and Mdangarani sub- locations and others from Jaribuni Location benefited from the initiative.

” Residents of these areas had requested the national government to assist them with seeds and fertiliser during the planting season,however we saw it wise to extend our hands by providing food stuffs due to the biting hunger,”she said


The overjoyed residents however expressed their gratitude lauding the officers who had reached out to offer a helping hand for their kind gesture by remembering them at their time of need.


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