December 1, 2023

LATEST NEWS Death Toll from the Maui fires stands at 93.  

Sydney 29

Residents of tudor nora located in mvita constituency have complained about the ongoing construction of a house along the sea shore of the area.

The residents have said that the move is dangerous for them and damages the environment and the sea forest.

Led by the chairman of the neighborhood, Mr. Shakil Shan, the residents have said that the construction has caused damage to the sewage pipes as well as traffic congestion caused by trucks bringing materials used in the construction

The ward representative of the area, Mr. Samir Ballo, has also stressed that the ongoing construction is not safe for the residents, as the area has a large number of people including students of the Technical University of Mombasa and those of Khamis High School.

According to the residents, the main person of the building has not yet been identified and did not involve the residents in the construction while threatening to write a letter to the relevant authorities to ensure their safety.

Despite Mombasa county governor Abduswamad Sharif Nassir issuing a notice to stop all buildings being built in the county.

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