December 1, 2023

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Sydney 29

Hip hop music star Hubert Nakitare, aka Nonini has won a case against the company “Syinix electronics” together with Brian Mutinda for using his song without permission.

The defendants were ordered by the Nairobi Hills Court on Thursday 23, 2023 to pay Nonini one million shillings, which is general compensation for violating his copyright.

The case was based on a video that Mutinda posted on his Instagram page

Rapper Hubert Nakitare, popularly known by his stage name Nonini in a previous event || Photo courtesy
mo April 2022, announcing the sale of televisions from Syinix.According to the video, which featured Nonini’s popular song “We Kamu”, which was used without a license from the artist. The same video was also posted on Syinix’s Facebook page.The star had written to Mutinda and Syinix in July 2022, demanding compensation and an apology.

He also shared court documents on his social media pages, alerting his fans to the legal action.However, the defendants did not implement his request, a situation that made Nonini file a lawsuit through his lawyers in August 2022. On the other hand, Syinix, denied making any video that violated Nonini’s copyright and claimed that it was not aware of any rights related to the song. to discuss the possibility of granting a mediating license of “We Kamu” to Nonini.Nonini is one of the pioneers of Kenyan urban music and a gang sensation. He has released several albums and collaborated with local and regional artists.

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